Our regular monthly activities at Open House Sheffield look like this…


Peacemeal: Conversation & Action Sunday evening

A time of discussion and learning about the world as we eat together.  


Living Room Retreat  Monday, Thursday, or Friday  morning & afternoon

Space to relax, pray, read, ponder, with optional spiritual accompaniment.  


Meditation  Tuesday afternoon or evening

A time of focused silence in an atmosphere of mindfulness.


Living the Questions (LTQ 2)  Tuesday evening

An opportunity to share matters of faith and spiritual practice in a progressive Christian atmosphere.


Living the Questions (LTQ)  Wednesday afternoon

An opportunity to discuss matters of faith and expand horizons using the “Living the Questions” DVD resource.


Women’s Group Wednesday afternoon

Time for a chat on general matters of life incl. matters of faith.


Taize Prayer Wednesday evening

Worship in the tradition of the Taizé Community with its distinctive chants and period of silence.


Peacemeal: Community & Shabbat Friday evening

Building community & cultivating spirituality round the table as we share in a version of the Jewish Sabbath tradition. 


Quiet Days Saturday morning & afternoon

Led reflections, quiet space and prayer/worship, to help people connect with God/personal spirituality.


You can download our full programme for December 2018 to February 2019 and March to May 2019 below

Open House Dec 2018 – Feb 2019

open house mar 2019 – may 2019