To blog or not to blog

Just over 5 years ago I joined Facebook.  A late convert.  Actually I was cajoled into it – assured that I needed to join up in order to communicate with people.

So what has been my experience?  Mixed!

On the positive side I have discovered people and organisations engaged in interesting stuff.  I have “signed up” to certain pages either via Facebook or via email.  My horizons have been opened up and deepened (can you do that with horizons?).  This has been particularly true with my monastic wanderings.  I have also appreciated the use of Messenger for contacting people (especially family) and having mini conversations.  Work-wise the Open House page has acted as an events manager and diary.

On the negative side I realise that it can have an impact on my mental health.  It is easy to feel the equivalent of being lonely in a crowd.  I can feel intimidated by people who seem to use Facebook easily and frequently (do people actually read stuff they “like”?).  It can all feel a bit addictive.  I know that I have to work out how I should use the medium and what works for me.  I’m on it….

When I became a pioneer minister I was left with the impression that all pioneers should blog.  This is how we communicate; this is how we convey our pearls of wisdom (such that it is!).  Out there is a ready audience waiting to read our thoughts.

I have a problem with that.  Firstly it’s not my natural medium.  Secondly you seem to have to put in quite a bit of effort to actually build up a following.  Thirdly I don’t see why I should assume that anyone wants to read my random thoughts.  And fourthly that’s not how anyone really gets to know me and how I’m thinking and feeling about stuff.

So, I’m reviewing my blogging life (very limited to date of course).  If anyone happens to read this, do let me know your thoughts – if it is an appropriate thing for you to do!  Is there anything that you would find remotely useful/helpful that I might write about??

Oh, and “Happy New Year” to anyone out there.

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