Dare to Imagine…..

I’m looking forward to reading the latest book delivered through my letterbox.

John Philip Newell, in his book “The Rebirthing of God: Christianity’s Struggle for New Beginnings“, notes the main responses to the collapse of Christianity in the West.  From denial that a collapse is actually happening to the frantic attempt to shore up the basis of the old dispensation he moves to asking “what is trying to be born that requires a radical reorientation of our vision?”

This strikes me as a good question to ponder in this Advent period.  It is a season to acknowledge the decline of the old existence and to be prepared to leave it behind.  It is the time to look forward with hope and anticipation to the new possibilities waiting round the corner yet which are even happening now.

We need new eyes to see what is coming to pass lest we miss it.

I share the frustrations of those who yearn for the church to embrace “a radical reorientation”.  Too often we seem stuck in the task of trying to find new versions of old ways to keep the show on the road.  We massage our denominational statistics to seek a golden nugget in all the dross in order to convince ourselves that things aren’t too bad.

God is doing a new thing!  How often have I proclaimed that? Can we dare to feel excited about that in this moment?  A thrill of possibilities and adventure…… Or will we retreat into the supposed comfort of the familiar?

May we continue to look in anticipation for God’s newness as we await the birth of One regarded as the Saviour ….. who arrives not with sticking plasters but with healing salve and fresh vision.

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