Sharing Peacemeal


Twice a month we share something called a ‘Peacemeal’ at Open House Sheffield.

In basic terms Peacemeal is a place of discussion and food but as we eat it gives us a chance to learn more about the world and to open us up to being moved to take action with others to make a difference.

Peacemeal is an international initiative based on the ancient idea of peace … meaning “wholeness, harmony, integratedness and wellbeing, throughout humanity and with wild nature.”

Peacemeal has the basic idea that peace in the world always begins with us.

Peacemeal is inspired by the meals Jesus had. He always seemed to enable changes as he ate.  The developers of peacemeal say that Jesus showed “that sharing food created space, where those wishing to follow him, as well as those of different faiths or no faith, were all equally welcomed, honoured and respected. A place to discuss, debate, listen and learn. Somewhere to laugh, sing and even dance sometimes; yet also to share concerns, to cry or be angry about things together. A focus for reflection, silence, meditation and prayer, each engaging with what is deep and true for us personally.”

Why not come along this Friday to our Peacemeal.  More details in our diary.


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